With a wide selection of Fish, Coral & Critters theres something for everyone in stock

We also keep a wide range of equiptment from Red Sea, DD Aquarium Solution, TMC, Aqua Forest Kessil and many more


With 2 large Coral Bays we house a vast amount of various different species of Coral

Common species in stock are Hammers, Torches, Frogspawn, Mushrooms, Leathers, Acans, Acros, Monty, Steilo, Zoas and many more

We always try to have a few special pieces in stock and always have a selection of gold torches


We have a large Fish Bay with stock from all around the world and try to keep as much Reef friendly, Fish only and Preditor Fish in at all times

With buying stock from all over we have found the best of everything and do our best to keep as many differnt spiecies in stock as we can such as Wrasse, Tangs, Angels, Butterflys, Baslets, Gobies, Blenies and much more

We have avaliable various differnt types of designer Clownfish in stock and anything you want in particular can be ordered in

There is ussually various types of Wrasse and we try to get pairs when ever possible


We have various tanks filled with all differnt types of critters and try to accomidate as much s possible

Feel free to pop in and take a look at our Clean Upo Crew packs designed for all sorts of differnt size and style aquarium

We often have avaliable various sized Harlequin shrimp pairs ata very reasonable price

Monthly we bring through a shipment of true Peppermint Shrimp captive bred in America


In stock we have a wide range of Lighting, Wavemakers, Skimmers, ATOs, Dossers and much more

We try to keep as much in stock as possible but most stuff is avaliable to order with arival within a few days